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Looking for some people to help run the blog. ive been busy with work so now im taking submissions of applications

copy and paste this and answer to what you can

minecraft ign:tumblr url:
other tumblr urls:
skype? if so skype name:
would you be willing to take part in a private server if it were setup?
why do you think you should be chosen to join this blog?
why would you like to be part of this blog?

i would like members to be available if i ever got around to having time to work on builds would you be available to do so?

links to some of your work:

any other fun facts you want to share:

all of this information will be kept private and not shared. you will only receive a response if your application is accepted. along with more information for more information feel free to send an ask.


Gothic cathedral #minecraft

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darklordcalicorn asked: I gotta say i've followed (and loved) this blog for a long time and I for one am really excited about the server. Hope the problems get worked out soon! :D

after i started working at my job fulltime ive had alot less time to work on the server, and minecraft has updated at least twice :/ i am hopefully going to be able to sit down and get everything updated again at least to a point where people can go on, even if the perms/plugins/map isnt fully ready


I gather you here today in memory of my horse…Rex

Anonymous asked: what is the best build ever

idk about the best best because there are dozens if not hundreds of builders responsible for some of the most amazing individual things ive ever seen. but one of my favorite builders 

shoutout to a minecraft server blog

http://mc-server-stuff.tumblr.com/ is a new minecraft server related blog, for all of your basic & complex server needs,

which reminds me i should try to get mine running again

I thought I would submit what I was working on, it’s my theatre for my main city. Haven’t built much else besides it. 

I thought I would submit what I was working on, it’s my theatre for my main city. Haven’t built much else besides it. 


I’m building a town on the Shadowraze server with my sister and my brother. It’s coming together but there is still a lot of things to do. Here are a few pics of around the town. If you come to Shadowraze, visit us! /warp isleofdreams